Actors & Musicians

"We're frightened little animals. It's all about fear. And wanting approval. Wanting validation. And also it's about an environment where you can face what you're most afraid of – scrutiny. It's all about that, about overcoming fear – and overcoming is what makes heroes out of people, when you say – "I can't do it, I can't do it", and then "No – I'm going to do this!" Rhys Ifans, actor, The Sunday Times 16.10.2001

Hypnosis for Performers

I was a professional actress/musician for over 15 years before becoming a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. As a result, I believe I have a special insight into the issues affecting performers. Whilst on a theatre tour, I discovered a self-hypnosis book that enabled me to choose my optimum state before going on stage. I was so impressed that I enrolled on a hypnotherapy course which enabled me to develop techniques for stage fright, memory and other psychological problems affecting performers. I have a BA Hons in Drama and Music as well as a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and regularly treat actors, singers and musicians. I also offer special rates to Equity members and Musicians' Union members as I am aware of the feast or famine nature of the business.

Kingston Hypnotherapy can help performers on several levels:


Often a performer has a deep-seated belief that they are not good enough and they fear they may be judged negatively if they are anything short of brilliant. This belief then causes anxiety which can surface at crucially important moments such as stepping onto the stage or at an audition. They are unable to perform at their best and can end up sabotaging their own performance. When a threat is perceived (whether physical or a potential humiliation) there is a surge of adrenalin which is the body's fight or flight response. The higher functions of the brain shut down as the reptilian part of the brain takes over.  It is only concerned with survival and will be more interested in locating the nearest exit than spouting an eloquent piece of Shakespeare or playing a piece of Mozart! Hypnotherapy can alter the self-defeating belief on a subconscious level so that the performer is then free to be at their most creative and confident.

Creating Characters and Conveying Emotions

Kingston Hypnotherapy can help you get in touch with your creativity. It can release inhibitions and enable you to access your emotions. Triggers can be created that enable you to come up with a desired emotion on cue. Characters can be created utilising the trance state for inspiration.


DENTAL PHOBIA: “All through my life (from 4 years old – I am now 75) I had an unreasonable but very real feeling of the fear of dentists. I used to shake and perspire; wet palms and a wet shirt were the orders of the day. Sleepless nights prior to the visits were quite usual. I saw Nicola and the fear subsided and now I am in the middle of dental treatment which is involving extractions and implants. It is a great therapy that Nicola offers and what is important…it works. I only wish I had had the opportunity to experience it sooner; it would have saved me years of unhappiness and apprehension. It is now wonderful... I have no more fear of the needles and all the contraptions that dentists use and I can talk and write about it!! What a relief not to have that black, fearful cloud hanging around.” Brian J