Public Speaking

In surveys, public speaking anxiety consistently tops the list of people's fears above the fear of dying! It is possible to be perfectly confident in other areas of life but when it comes to public speaking or presentations, the heart starts to race, the throat tightens, the thinking becomes muddled and there is a strong desire to run away. Events involving public speaking trigger a belief formed in the subconscious from a earlier time, to do with the threat of public humiliation. It may be that an embarrassing situation occurred in childhood and the subconscious wants to protect the person from being in that position again.
The subconscious automatically does a pattern match with the past and activates the fight or flight response (a primitive survival mechanism designed to save the person's life when confronted with a real physical threat such as a lion or tiger). Adrenalin fills the body to enable the person to fight or run away. The symptoms that result are incompatible with good public speaking as the higher functioning parts of the brain shut down and the reptilian brain takes over which is primarily concerned with survival. So instead of concentrating on the speech the exits start to look very attractive.
Kingston Hypnotherapy's Treatment for Public Speaking/Presentations

Hypnosis for public speaking helps achieve confidence by a process of visualisation and/or regression. Under hypnosis the client is guided through a visualisation of giving a public presentation while feelings of confidence and control are instilled. Regression can also be used in trance to take the client back to a sensitising incident in the past. The client can then see the incident from a new perspective and reassess it which can be enough to destroy the fear. The incident can be replayed in a humourous way or with the adult client guiding their younger self to a successful outcome. The result is that the next time the client thinks about public speaking, feelings of confidence and control come to mind, not fear. Direct suggestions are also given to the client reinforcing their ability to give a good presentation.
Over the years I have helped clients overcome anxiety about work presentations, student assessments, teaching placements, wedding speeches, team meetings, job interviews and even just introducing themselves!
I also work alongside Corporate Coach, Jeremy Todd, who can help with content, style and even video your performance so you can see the improvements for yourself.
CHRONIC PAIN: "I have worked with too many practitioners than I can count and none provided the awareness and change that I experienced and received with Nicola Todd. I am in awe with her effectiveness and skillfulness to ask questions and bring my conscious and subconscious new ways of addressing issues which have adversely impacted me since childhood. My entire day has been better since we worked together this morning. Thanks again." Gersh G