Stop Smoking

Hypnosis has been recognised by many studies as the most effective way of stopping. (New Scientist, issue 1845, 31October 1992, p6).

Kingston Hypnotherapy's method is particularly powerful as it goes into detail to eradicate every possible reason why you smoke. I address the physical, psychological and habitual addiction, so it's a quick, easy and powerful method to stop smoking almost automatically.

The technique is interactive and beyond pure suggestion, combining a hypnotic trance, NLP and parts therapy. When you began smoking, all the parts of your mind were working together but now it is as if some of them have realised the harm smoking is doing to you but other parts have not caught up yet! The subconscious is persuaded to reprogram these "parts" because smoking is no longer beneficial.

For most people I recommend a two session approach.

(Hypnotherapy more effective that nicotine replacement

The Most Common Reasons For Smoking

  • Confidence
  • An excuse for a break (e.g. at work)
  • To celebrate something
  • Relaxation
  • As an end of the day ritual
  • Part of drinking something (typically tea, coffee and alcohol) 
  • To accompany meals
  • As part of socialising
  • To avoid boredom 
  • Quiet time to think about things
  • To signal a time for them to have a private chat with someone
  • To concentrate on a task


Nicola, a short note 6 months after my session. Am still not smoking and feeling GREAT! I knew I wanted to stop and I needed to break some mechanism that held me down. Well, hypnosis has been the key to my success. Thank you very much. Antonio R

I'm pleased to say that I haven't had a cigarette since the session and indeed have had almost no urge to smoke at all. I have passed your details on to other people who want to quit. Many thanks. John S, Manager 

I have to say since I saw you I have been doing brilliantly. I have had one or two instances when I've thought about smoking - but then batted the idea away pretty quickly. I am really impressed with your methods. It seems to have done the trick. I am now on a complete health kick, have been exercising regularly and not drinking. I could not have done this without the initial kick start I needed from your session. Thank you so much. Leah 

QUIT DRINKING: "I decided to quit drinking for 'sober October'. So went to see Nicola. We had an in depth consultation and not only did I get through October without drinking. I now find I don't want to drink at all. I have been so pleased with the result and my life is getting better and better without Alcohol in it. I have recommended quite a few people now for different things. Thank you Nicola. " Clare W