Drink Less

The Drink Less alcohol programme is a programme designed to:

• Help you become very aware of the circumstances where you are drinking.

• Make you consciously aware of your drinking habits.

• Help you take responsibility for your drinking, and easily follow a plan for reduction.

You are also given a support Mp3/Recording to listen to.

Dental Phobia: “All through my life (from 4 years old – I am now 75) I had an unreasonable but very real feeling of the fear of dentists. When I did mange to pluck enough courage to go and my mouth was in a such bad state that I dare not leave it longer. I used to shake and perspire; wet palms and a wet shirt were the orders of the day. Sleepless nights prior to the visits were quite usual. I contacted Nicola and after one appointment and a CD copy of the session to use at home, the fear subsided and now I am in the middle of dental treatment which is involving extractions and implants. It is a great therapy that Nicola offers and what is important…it works. I only wish I had had the opportunity to experience it sooner; it would have saved me years of unhappiness and apprehension. It is now wonderful… I don’t have any apprehension about the dental visits. I have no more fear of the needles and all the contraptions that dentists use and I can talk and write about it!! What a relief not to have that black, fearful cloud hanging around.” Brian J (3 sessions)